Sri. R. V. Subba Reddy (1914 - 2001) Smt. R. Rama Subbamma

Mathru dhevobhava
Pithru dhevobhava

Vedas considered parents as greater than Gods.All others are after parents only. Because to have a human body, parents are the direct cause. Their greatest gift to us is our life itself. But man is thankful to many other people for their small favours and forget the biggest favour, his birth itself. For me, my parents are every thing. So, I dedicate this project to them as a token of reverence and respect.

They are the real motivation to this body-mind health centre, Sri Pathanjali Arogyamandir and its offshoot Vedashealth project. On their behalf, I want to spread this practical knowledge of Holistic Health approach to all the needy and sufferers. My father, Sri. R. V. Subba Reddy ,(Pakkeer Palli, Cuddapah, AP, India) is a rare personality with immense will power and determination. As an ordant devotee of Lord Sri Rama, he named his four sons as Rama, Laxmana, Bharatha, and Shathrughna (My full name is R. Shathrughna Eswar Reddy). In his life, he did many good things and services to the needy and sufferers. Though he had enough health to survive for another five years or so, last year(2000 AD) he decided to leave his physical body in the auspicious period of Uttharayana and left his physical body accordingly in Feb 2001. So, he used his Strong Will and Determination even in the last step of his life quite successfully by the grace of Divinity. So, once again, I dedicate this program to him who is in the Astral world and to my Mother who is alive in this physical world.

-R. Shathrughna Eswar Reddy
(Dr. R. S. Eswar Reddy).