Michael Gale:  Redefining Wellness 'Success Stories' with the Introduction of a New Healthy Beverage - Articles & News About Health

Michael Gale: Redefining Wellness 'Success Stories' with the Introduction of a New Healthy Beverage - Articles & News About Health

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Michael Gale: Redefining Wellness ''Success Stories'' with the Introduction of a New Healthy Beverage

(PRWEB) November 21, 2007 -- The state of Nebraska for a recent 30 year run was the standard for excellence in College Football via Championships won by the University of Nebraska. For Cornhusker Resident Michael Gale those core values are behind the Successful Business Venture that is unfolding with his introduction of a Nutritional Health Beverage called Poga Moonga?.

"The worries of dealing with High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are a real issue for millions of Americans and I have a product that has worked wonders for myself and may help those dealing with these serious health issues," said the 57 year old Gale.

The history of products brought to market thru a needed solution defines Gale''s story. "Five years ago during a physical I registered the dreaded "triple combo" reading that challenges Doctors: High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Triglycerides, "said Gale, "and though I tried numerous procedures and prescriptions the changes were minimal until May of 2007. By consuming this beverage I saw within a 6 month period that my Triglycerides and Cholesterol had been substantially lowered and my Doctor was so impressed he wanted information for his own research and client recommendations. I feel the difference every day and look forward to a long and healthy life with my wonderful wife, 5 beautiful children and 7 grandchildren."

Western Society has been slow in implementing advanced medical practices from ancient cultures and Gale hopes testimonials of the effects of this beverage will open doors in the medical community in considering options in dealing with growing medical issues in this country. "Poga Moonga? implements traditions of India''s ancient Ayurveda Medicine practices with one of the most powerful combinations of botanicals on earth to create a powerful and tasty nutritional health beverage" said Gale.

The mixture of botanicals in Poga Moonga? includes:

* Pomegranate: one of the most powerful fruits on earth and has been shown in studies that daily consumption can decrease both blood pressure and LDL cholesterol oxidation

* Aloe vera: recognized in the Medical Community for supporting the digestive system and studies have shown that when vitamins are ingested with Aloe Vera absorption is increased by up to 3 times

* Moringa oleifera: the core ingredient in Gale''s Nutritional Beverage offering. Research from India''s ancient tradition of Ayurveda medicine sites points to 300 diseases treated with the leaves of Moringa and in particular the leaves are a rich, inexpensive source for micronutrients.

-4x the Vitamin A of carrots

-7x the vitamin C of oranges

The ability to help change the health and financial future of individuals is a package being marketed worldwide by Michael Gale. "I changed my life''s physical challenges because of Poga Moonga? and became intrigued by offering a home based business opportunity that would attract entrepreneurs seriously looking for a change in their life. The compensation plan is built around a Direct Sales Model that is simple and offers a generous compensation payout in which 50% of all sales are paid as commission checks to distributors and 2% of worldwide sales go into a pool for exciting trips, luxury automobile allowances as well as a 3% sales volume bonus payout each quarter to qualifying distributors. "Sharing" the benefits of Poga Moonga? and mentoring individuals to a six figure income is my long and short term goals as I move into 2008," said Gale.

All inquires to Michael Gale regarding his product and business:

1) Live in his Waverly, Nebraska office @ 402-817-3749

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.

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