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Jonathan Ross is quitting the BBC, he said today. The controversial broadcaster is leaving after 13 years at the Corporation.

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I am going to study a semester in Santiago de Chile and on my way there I am travelling for a month through Argentina and Uruguay. Now I am wondering whether or not I should bring my laptop - a macbook. It would be very convenient to have it with me when I am in Santiago as well as for photos and stuff but also very annoying to take it with me on the way. It is an … [Posted by Elenschi - Jan 07, 15:27]

Romantic travel?What to pack and plan for romantic winter getaways.

While it’s difficult to argue the inherent romance offered by a tropical vacation or cruise or a ski lodge or remote cabin up in the mountains, sometimes what you pack or that spontaneous little side trip can enhance the intimacy of a romantic getawa

South Asian Threat? Local Nuclear War = Global Suffering (preview)

Twenty-five years ago international teams of scientists showed that a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union could produce a “nuclear winter.” The smoke from vast fires started by bombs dropped on cities and industrial areas would envelop the planet and absorb so much sunlight that the earth’s surface would get cold, dark and dry, killing plants worldwide and eliminating our food supply. Surface temperatures would reach winter values in the summer. International discussion about this prediction, fueled largely by astronomer Carl Sagan, forced the leaders of the two superpowers to confront the possibility that their arms race endangered not just themselves but the entire human race. Countries large and small demanded disarmament.

Nuclear winter became an important factor in ending the nuclear arms race. Looking back later, in 2000, former Soviet Union leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev observed, “Models made by Russian and American scientists showed that a nuclear war would result in a nuclear winter that would be extremely destructive to all life on earth; the knowledge of that was a great stimulus to us, to people of honor and morality, to act.”

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