Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet – Taking Flight

It happens to everyone eventually – the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles. Often, these are the very first wrinkles we see on our face. When we first notice them, we imagine our youthful appearance taking flight with large wings like a clumsy albatross. Those little lines can be heart rending because of their symbolism. But crow’s feet should be accepted as a natural part of aging. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to correct the problem though. It just means we should understand where they come from so we are able to select the right preventative measures for our face.

Birds Of A Feather

There is never one crow’s feet wrinkle. There are always several grouped around each eye. The skin area around the eye is thinner. It has no oil glands and so the skin can dry out quicker. Also, our muscles crease over consistent use. So when we squint or frown, the muscles below the skin develop crevasses. Your skin fills in where the crevasse appears. You will notice that when you squint in the mirror, the crow’s feet lines deepen. Because of the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes, its wrinkling is not necessarily correlated with your age. But one thing is certain – if you have begun to develop crow’s feet, they will get worse with age unless you slow down the process. Crow’s feet are created by more than squinting.

  • Exposure to the sun’s Ultraviolet rays
  • Free radicals cause genetic material alterations can result in collagen breakdown
  • Normal aging results in a loss of general skin elasticity
  • Smoking can activate the process of collagen degradation.
  • Sun exposure is often the primary cause of early aging. Ultraviolet rays cause cell damage, interfere with cell repair and breaks down collagen. The benefits of a tan should be weighed against the premature aging that will result. And don''t believe those who say that a tanning bed UV light won''t cause skin damage like the sun. The source of the UV doesn''t matter; the results will be the same.

    Becoming A Swan

    Aging is not for wimps! The first realization that crow’s feet have made a home around your eyes can make you temporarily feel like an ugly duckling. But there are a couple of options for changing yourself back into the swan.

  • Regularly use creams that contain peptides
  • Botox injections
  • Peptides are amino acids that stimulate collagen growth. Botox is a toxin that has proven effective for wrinkle treatment. The Botox is injected into the area at the corners of the eyes. The muscles relax and flatten out. By doing so, the skin smoothes also. The crow’s feet are significantly reduced in appearance. Botox effects last approximately 6 months. The technique you choose may be dictated by budget. If you choose peptide laden creams, regular use will produce results.

    Restoring elasticity in the skin can produce dramatic results. Aging cannot be eliminated, but it can certainly be controlled. The days of letting wrinkles take over your face are long gone. Crow’s feet can be repaired. You can be the beautiful swan!